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Meet the Faculty of the MCP:Art Therapy Program, Adler University

By Hannah Adam, BA MCP-AT 2016 Cohort Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy Program, Adler University-Vancouver BC Campus                                         dr_duanita_eleniak_adler-mcpt_program_director_1

DR DUANITA G ELENIAK, Program Director

From the moment you step into her ‘wonderland-of-an-office’ to the moment she ushers you out of the “hobbit-hole” (the back-door of the seventh-floor faculty offices on the Vancouver campus), a meeting with Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak is an experience-and-a-half.

From the moment I met her during a campus tour in 2015 I’ve referred to Duanita as Harry Potter’s divination professor, or “Trelawney” (my dad amicably refers to her as “flapping Flanagan” – don’t ask me why). With her large, round eye framed by her larger, rounder glasses, and flowing outfits with accessories that move with her, Duanita struck me as a dead ringer for the beloved but quirky Hogwart’s professor. As I’ve gotten to know Duanita, however, I’ve noticed another stunning similarity between these two professors of magical subjects. Just as Trelawney delivered nuggets of pure gold in the most unexpected of circumstances, Duanita is an unexpected fount of knowledge in quirky, fantastical packaging.

Why should everyone have tea with Trelawney – I mean Duanita? Because she can explain in one hour why and how grad-school can be fun and easy. I’ve seen her do it actually, but don’t take it from me, go see for yourself! Or if you already find grad-school to be fun and easy, maybe you should meet her because she’s an award-winning author, researcher, educator, leader, and an all-around great conversationalist. If you can’t find time for a little tête-à-tête teatime, try a read through her books – “The Role of the Arts in the Transformation of Consciousness”, or if you’d prefer a more personal approach, “Be the Change: Acting with Intention”.

As for me, let’s just say I can’t wait to see what she does with her new office-space when the Vancouver campus moves!



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Halloween Creativity with Counselling Art Therapy Students

 Whiskers twitched and cat eyes glowed with excitement as costumed children – angels, superheros, and animals – celebrated the 3rd Annual Vancouver Halloween Expo.



Counselling Art Therapy Student Morgan Coulson helps a child


This four day event is a fantasy festival of arts, cosplay, comics, anime, films and games, including performing arts exhibits and performances, concluding with a grand Halloween parade. This event, diverging from horror and gore, embraces people of all ages with fun and safe Halloween activities.



Counselling Art Therapy Student Elizabeth Ramsey and a youth melting crayons

Breigha Gillespie, Brynne Wambold, Elizabeth Ramsey, Hannah Adam, Lutetia Wallis-Mayer, and Morgan Coulson, students in Adler University’s Master of Counselling Psychology- Art Therapy program, warmly welcomed little ones and their families into a creative space where imaginations were inspired and playful experimentation with art was encouraged. Those of all ages (re)discovered the simple joy of exploring creativity in a safe environment inspired by the students’ radical hospitality.



Ghoulish yet fun and imaginative artistic activities were designed to appeal to people of all ages: face painting, crayon melting, colouring, mask making, and bowls of glowing oozy goo. The welcoming warmth of the students and the creative activities left attendees with huge smiles and a new perspective on Halloween spirit.

Adler University Master of Counselling Psychology- Art Therapy

Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo

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Adler University’s ‘Group of Seven’

Adler University’s ‘Group of Seven’ counselling art therapy students graduated on October 29, 2016.  Brianna Campbell, Sarah Canning, Cassandra Evans, Tiff Kopp, Craig Lee, Lauren O’Keefe and Raman Samra are the very first students to graduate from the Master in Counselling Psychology-Art Therapy program and begin their work as BOTH counsellors and art therapists.


The uniqueness of their degree and their incredible abilities as socially responsible practitioners have already brought them success in the working world as they are hired in hospital, non-profit and private settings.

Program Faculty, staff, Adler University students, friends and family celebrated their accomplishments in a spirit of joy and appreciation.


Adler University extends its deepest respect for these amazing Pioneers and hopes to continue to support them as they transition to their special role as Adler University Alumni.



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2016 Cohort to Study Psychology and Art Therapy

Adler University Vancouver Campus welcomes the new 2016 Cohort beginning their Master in Counselling Psychology and Art Therapy (MCP-AT) Program.

NSO 2016 First Cohort Image Together

The New Student Orientation was a place for students to get to know each other by viewing images from the portfolios that they submitted as a pre-requisite for admission to the program.

NSO 2016 Feast

Faculty, staff, Alumni and students from the 2014 and 2015 Cohorts celebrated with an afternoon feast as they extended their congratulations and warmest welcome to the students accepted to this new leading edge program.

Check out YouTube to also get a flavor of the new 2016 Cohort through their images.

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A World of Pure Imagination

Students in the 2016 Cohort entering the Master of Counselling Psychology-Art Therapy program at Adler University were invited to “Enter a World of Pure Imagination” during a ceremony marking the beginning of their education journey on their way to becoming counsellors and art therapists.

The students prepared “rose colored glasses” to wear into the ceremony to symbolize the fact that every one of us perceives the world differently.  Perception is as individual as fingerprints.

Inside Studio One the 2016 Cohort painted a traditional mandala together as staff, faculty, students and Alumni witnessed them painting together for the first time.

Check out the images from the event to get a feeling for the new 2016 Cohort and the Adler MCP-Art Therapy Program!




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Creative Therapeutic Endings

The 2015 Cohort at Adler University, Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy Program ended their Summer semester with a closing activity to remember.

2015 Cohort Class Ending Ceremony.jpg

In the program, emphasis is placed on ensuring proper closings when working with individuals in therapy.  Illustrated in the image are rings of light and plants which the students took home to give them an experience of “gift-giving” as a therapeutic closing activity.

Students in the program practice creative therapeutic endings in their classes and enjoy experiences which they are able to remember as they pursue work in the field as counsellors and art therapists.

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‘Images of Ethics’ Installation

The “Images of Ethics” Installation created by the 2015 Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy Cohort at Adler University, Vancouver Campus was heralded as “sensational” by those that attended. 

Handmade blankets

As the final assignment for their Ethics course, counselling/art therapy students worked with art materials and created a personal Image of Ethics for their offices after graduation to serve as a physical reminder to always practice at their highest level of integrity.

The 2015 Cohort created a special atmosphere fir the exhibition of their images by bringing them together in a Counselling Room Installation that resonated with warmth and connection.  

The individual creations of the students which included pillows, blankets, mobiles, pictures, bookends, ornaments, a terrarium, card decks, and wind chimes came together in a dynamic representation of the student’s commitment as socially responsible practitioners.   


Check out the Images of Ethics YouTube video to get a ‘feeling’ of the installation.



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Celebrating the Art Therapy Program at Adler University

Community members came together at Adler University, Vancouver Campus in a collage of “Shelfies” to celebrate the completion of the first full two year cycle of the new Masters in Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy program.

Staff and faculty from all programs on campus took pictures of their bookshelves which were displayed in a visual demonstration of community support for the very first seven graduates of the MCP:AT program.

The “Shelfies” below are a true display of the diversity of roles and interests that needed to work together as one in order to successfully complete a cutting edge training program  in both verbal and meta-verbal skills for socially responsible practitioners.

It truly took a community to raise 7 new counsellor art therapists for the world!



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Psychology and Art in Education

Open Art Therapy Studios and their benefits for campus life at Adler University Vancouver Campus were a conversation highlight at the 14th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education after a presentation by Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy students Raman Samra BA, Sarah Canning BA, Demill Keevil BFA and their Program Director Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak.IMG_9315

The ‘Aloha Team’s” findings, as reported in their paper, sparked keen interest at the conference which brought together hundreds of educators, academicians, mental health practitioners, and professionals in related fields from more than 30 countries worldwide to connect and discuss cross-disciplinary interests relevant to education.IMG_9244

The effectiveness of Open Art Therapy Studios in facilitating community and connection in an academic setting was demonstrated through an experiential workshop created to foster within participants the same “feelings” generated within Open Studios on campus.IMG_9314

Through this integrated experience participants left knowing in the very cells of their Being the beneficial psychological aspects of  engaging one’s creativity and how the experience of Open Studios can result in increasing the well-being and effectiveness of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community partners in an academic setting.IMG_9239


For a full reading and account of the benefits of Open Art Studios on campus, refer to the full paper here.

For a bigger picture and experience of the the MCP: Art Therapy Program at Adler University Vancouver Canada campus click here.



Duanita G. Eleniak, Ph.D., Program Director of the Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy at Adler University, Vancouver Campus is quoted on the Adler blog:
“A socially responsible art therapist will show clients how to ignite the raw material of imagination in order to actually see and touch new possibilities for a hopeful future; to elicit the emotions and vision required to transform systems, thus furthering the well-being of all.”


“Weaving together art, psychology, science, mythology, theology, heart, passion and commitment, we are able to move beyond the limitations of reason to dimensions that easily cross boundaries and allow for new and better forms to emerge.” – Eleniak –

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