Posted by: mentoringstore | April 2, 2014

The Artist’s Way Group January – April 2014

In January 2014, the Mentoring Store launched its inaugural Artist’s Way group! penpaper

The Artists Way, by Julia Cameron (1992) is a self-help book written to inspire reader’s artistic creativity. Ms. Cameron envisioned peer groups coming together in “creative clusters” to support and witness each other as they become creatively unblocked.

Group members meet weekly to work through the twelve chapters which engage them in exercises to increase awareness of and remove creative blocks, build self-confidence, and strengthen their awareness of personal spirituality and creativity.

wkAWThe group is co-ordinated by Community Service Practicum students from the Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver Campus): Craig Lee, Arleen Windigo, and Sunny Chung, and Communty Volunteer Fabienne Gassmann.

Weekly, the small group meets for two hours to have tea and reflect on the week’s tasks: chapter readings, journaling (morning pages), artist dates, and reporting any synchronicities experienced.

Of the Artist’s Way group, Craig shares, “I have always been an artist and the CLArtist’s Way has helped me find the courage to reclaim that title. While I began the Artist’s Way with hesitation, it has helped change my perspectives on what it means to be an artist. I credit this discovery to the group’s process – I am responsible for my personal growth and to support the others in their journey. I am excited for what the future holds, both with my Artist’s Way group and my own  process of integrating art back into my life.”

The Mentoring Store seeks to offer future Artist’s Way groups and potentially tailor them for unique populations in need.





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