Posted by: mentoringstore | April 28, 2014

The Artist’s Way – March

AWparticipantThe developing sense of community has been a shining attribute of the Artist’s Way. Community has deepened through the sharing of experiences  writing morning pages, telling of artists’ dates, and reflecting on the challenges and successes in recovering creativityCurrently, the Mentoring Store is hosting a “creative cluster” based on Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Facilitated by Adler School of Professional Psychology (Vancouver Campus) Community Service Practicum students, the Artist’s Way cluster is at the midpoint of it’s journey!

AWcenterpeice2“Growth. This is a term that encapsulates the experience working with the Artist’s Way,” shares group coordinator Craig Lee, on his journey through the Program. “Being able to hear about the collective experiences of each group member has fuelled my own growth, too!”

“The kindness…the inspiring words from the team,” reports one group member from the weekly check-in sheets, illustrates the strength cultivated within the group in overcoming creative obstacles.

Members contribute to the group experience in their own unique ways: from the rituals of sharing fine teas and nourishing delectables, to reciting aloud An Artist’s Prayer and other inspiring poems. Of note, the members have created stunning centerpieces that align with the week’s readings and help hold the groups’ focus on the creative sense.

A highlight of the group has been the emergent awareness of weekly synchronicities. Synchronicities are events that give evidence to the universe listening and working in our best interests. One group member excitedly illustrated this: “Thinking of abundance, I found out I’m getting a nice income tax refund!”


The first Artist’s Way experience, presented by the Mentoring Store, will conclude mid April 2014, with a collaborative art project. This project will give the group an exciting and fulfilling way to take the creativity that has developed throughout this program and give it back to the universe.

Written by:  Craig Lee



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