Posted by: mentoringstore | June 17, 2012

Vision Board Workshops Inspire Women to go Back to School

In the Envision 2012 Vision Board Series,  3 out of 6 regular group participants were inspired to make the life choice to go back to school.  One woman decided to finish high school; one “remembered” she was an artist and enrolled in an arts program at University; and our guest blogger, Fabienne Gassmann, enrolled in a college program to become an addictions counsellor.  Their choice to go back to school was life-changing for all of them.

Prompted by the images in their vision boards and supported to take a risk by the group energy, each of these women was able to reconnect with a part of themselves that wanted to learn and grow.

Vision boards are powerful ways to literally “see” what you want.  When done in a supportive group environment the power of the images is magnified and can serve to lift everyone and give us the courage to do what we thought we never could.

Following is Fabienne Gassmann’s story of how being in the vision board workshop group helped her connect with other like-minded people who helped her realize that just like them, she could do it.  She could realize her dream of going back to school.

I hope her story inspires you to join a vision board group and be lifted by the synergy of working with others who are also moving towards bringing their visions into reality.  Enjoy- Dr. D

Back To School In My 50s? by Fabienne Gassmann

What inspired me to go back to school? Well, I attended a vision board workshop and met all kinds of interesting people.  One person greatly inspired me when she announced that she was going back to school.  I realized that if she could do it, so could I!

I realized that there is always time to reach for my dreams, so I signed up for an Addictions and Community Services Worker program.  After I signed up I realized that as difficult as it was to overcome the hurdle of taking a risk to go back to school, once signed up there where other difficult points on the path.  I began to question myself:

1. Can I handle the college level work? 2. Do I have the time? 3. How will the other students (younger) treat me?

Quickly I realized that there is no difference between a younger student and an older one. We were all there for the same reason – to learn.    At first it felt a bit odd to go back to school with so many younger students. I was a bit nervous.  When I noticed that the other students were not just younger but also middle-aged, and all very nice and very helpful. I felt more comfortable.

It’s hard work taking care of family, working full-time, and going to school. My load is full!  It requires good time management skills in order to succeed in balancing school, family, and work. I applaud anyone who can do this.

A wise woman told me there is no shame in going back to school at any age. It is a shame to not try to make life better.  Whatever I want, fear should not stop me.

Earlier in life I gave up the opportunity to go to college in order to raise my family and for other reasons too. However, all these reasons for not attending college earlier should never be a reason to give up furthering my studies.

The vision board group inspired me to take the steps to get the education I need to be true to my passion to serve a wide range of people in my community.

The dream that flows through me….



  1. Thank you Duanita you did a great job
    I love my own story

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