Posted by: mentoringstore | April 8, 2018

Counselling Art Therapy Annual Exhibition – 2018 by the ‘Voyagers’

Congratulations to the ‘Voyagers’, the 2017 Cohort in the Master of Counselling Psychology – Art Therapy program at Adler University – Vancouver Campus who hosted the 2018 Annual Exhibition & Fundraiser creating a community event for all to remember!  Take a moment to join in the warm feelings that were shared by all!

Video of the 2018 Adler Exhibition @ramzphotostudio

2018 'Voyagers' & Faculty

Dr Silberberg, John Gingrich, Emily Piper, Derryl-Lynn Braumberger, Lara Fitzgerald, Fiona Thatcher, Tzu-hsuan Lin, Lauren Buckley, Dr Eleniak, Melika Mirilavassani, Shivani Agarwal, Giulia Santaca, Sookyung Ah, Leanne Bird (faculty).

All images were graciously provided by @ramzphotstudio  #ramzphotostudio


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