Posted by: mentoringstore | September 18, 2017

2017 Cohort Counselling-Art Therapy Students Welcomed at Adler University

The 2017 New Cohort Welcome for Adler University Master of Counselling Psychology – Art Therapy Program (MCP-AT Vancouver BC) offered a ceremony that centered on the creation of a Nature Based Mandala.

2017 Cohort Mandala
Students in the 4th cohort of the MCP-AT program were witnessed by Adlerian Community Members as they worked together for the first time creating art.
The rite of passage included a variety of “modes of awakening” (term coined by Ken Wilber and Joseph Campbell p. 171 in the Human Odyssey, 2014) which allowed for the expansion of capacity to experience the mystery which is “larger than ourselves”, a vital component for a creative academic program.

Leanne Bird, Celebrant
Leanne Bird, Alumni of the MCP-AT Program from the 2014 Cohort of “Pioneers”, performed the role of Celebrant moving a vision of the Nature Theme into intentional form. Through her leadership the ‘student journey metaphor’ became alive.

2017 MCP-AT Cohort
It is with the deepest appreciation that the Adler University Community welcomes the new students in the MCP-AT program and looks forward to their unique development as socially responsible counsellors and art therapists whose perspective is so greatly desired in the world.


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