Posted by: mentoringstore | January 14, 2017

Meet the Faculty of the MCP:Art Therapy Program, Adler University

By Hannah Adam, BA MCP-AT 2016 Cohort Master of Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy Program, Adler University-Vancouver BC Campus                                         dr_duanita_eleniak_adler-mcpt_program_director_1

DR DUANITA G ELENIAK, Program Director

From the moment you step into her ‘wonderland-of-an-office’ to the moment she ushers you out of the “hobbit-hole” (the back-door of the seventh-floor faculty offices on the Vancouver campus), a meeting with Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak is an experience-and-a-half.

From the moment I met her during a campus tour in 2015 I’ve referred to Duanita as Harry Potter’s divination professor, or “Trelawney” (my dad amicably refers to her as “flapping Flanagan” – don’t ask me why). With her large, round eye framed by her larger, rounder glasses, and flowing outfits with accessories that move with her, Duanita struck me as a dead ringer for the beloved but quirky Hogwart’s professor. As I’ve gotten to know Duanita, however, I’ve noticed another stunning similarity between these two professors of magical subjects. Just as Trelawney delivered nuggets of pure gold in the most unexpected of circumstances, Duanita is an unexpected fount of knowledge in quirky, fantastical packaging.

Why should everyone have tea with Trelawney – I mean Duanita? Because she can explain in one hour why and how grad-school can be fun and easy. I’ve seen her do it actually, but don’t take it from me, go see for yourself! Or if you already find grad-school to be fun and easy, maybe you should meet her because she’s an award-winning author, researcher, educator, leader, and an all-around great conversationalist. If you can’t find time for a little tête-à-tête teatime, try a read through her books – “The Role of the Arts in the Transformation of Consciousness”, or if you’d prefer a more personal approach, “Be the Change: Acting with Intention”.

As for me, let’s just say I can’t wait to see what she does with her new office-space when the Vancouver campus moves!




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