Posted by: mentoringstore | September 8, 2014

The Inauguration of Studio One: Art Therapy Education Begins at Adler School of Professional Psychology, Vancouver BC

Studio One, the classroom for the new Master in Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy program at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, Vancouver BC Canada campus was officially inaugurated on September 2014. IMG_6681

Dr. Larry Axelrod cut the red ribbon and the ceremony began with a formal procession of the 12 new students followed by faculty and staff into Studio One. Each student carried a candle symbolizing the light that they bring to ‘ignite’ the new program. 2014 First Cohort MCP Art Therapy Program Opening CeremonyThe music chosen to invite people into the studio was ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ composed by Ennio Morricone and played by Sarah Jeffrys.

Dr. Evangeline Rand presided over the ceremonyIMG_6637 and invited the 12 students to paint a section of a Community Canvas that had been prepared for them. The painting was done in silence as faculty and staff sat around the new cohort and witnessed their first marks on canvas in the new art therapy program.IMG_6722

After the painting was done, each student was individually welcomed into the program and given 3 gifts: a scroll which supported an image created for the opening, a golden paintbrush and a tiny clay pot made in India. IMG_6878

The formal ceremony ended with a circle dance around the mandala which included first the 12 new students and then opened up to include the faculty and staff. The music danced to was Ranga De by Deva Premal & Miten.IMG_6809

The event was then opened to the entire community and tea and cookies were enjoyed by all. As the community connected, staff and faculty were invited to paint the outer border of the community canvas, symbolically encircling the new student’s images in warm support for their journey in graduate studies which has now begun. 2014 MCP Art Therapy Community Canvas

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